Jalen Green 2021 NBA Draft's #2 Overall Pick

August 17, 2021
by Ashlee Perez

Jalen Green was chosen second overall in the 2021 NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets. With his great showing at the 2021 Las Vegas Summer League, Green has a good chance to compete for the 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

On Business World online, Jalen proclaimed,
“I love the Philippines. They show love and support. I’m just happy to get to represent them. I’m happy that I have family out there and I’m tied into the Philippines so I’m excited, and I hope they’re excited,too,”

Jalen’s Filipino mother traces her roots to Ilocos Sur. He was born in Merced, California and raised in nearby Fresno. One of the top high school players in the United States, Mr. Green decided to play in the NBA G League instead of playing collegiate basketball. He played on the Ignite team in the G League instead of playing college basketball. In 15 games with Ignite, he averaged 17.9 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.8 assists.

More from Business World:
“ For his Ignite coach, Brian Shaw, to see Mr. Green receive much interest from teams is not at all surprising, describing his player as both having the inherent skills set as well an indefatigable work ethic, even likening some of his qualities to that of the late great Kobe Bryant.”

“I’ve been around, obviously, Kobe Bryant when he was young, Paul George when he was young and there’s something that those guys have in common. Jalen has that, that mentality, that competitiveness, that will to win regardless of what it is,” said Mr. Shaw, who won NBA titles with Mr. Bryant with the Los Angeles Lakers, on online show Republika Huddle.

“He (Green) did not miss a single day of practice. He didn’t miss any games. I don’t think anybody ever beat him when we would run for conditioning in practice. I don’t think anybody ever beat him in a sprint. And so those kinds of things remind me of, especially Kobe, in terms of competitiveness and that will,” the coach added.