September 1, 2021
by Lord Ceniza

Gen-Z'ers don't care. The honest way they present themselves is very refreshing. There's no hint of braggadocio, sarcasm, nor facetiousness. There's no act, just truth, and facts.  You get that with this kid, Dominic Fike, who is very much like basketball phenom Lamelo Ball.  They don't dwell on their shortcomings. Fike grew up with drug addicts and is recovering from a drug/alcohol habit himself.  Lamelo took some heat with recent statements about kids not needing school.  He dropped out of school to play pro-ball in Lithuania, though ultimately returning to the U.S. to complete his high school education. Ball just became the 2021 NBA Rookie of The Year.

Dominic Fike is on the same trajectory, and his talent is undeniable. He has already collaborated with superstars Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, and Halsey. His sound is a bit of a mix of everything, but somehow you always feel that it is fresh and new.  

Ball and Fike have talent, they know it, and they're not apologetic or insecure about it. It's not like the earlier generations, Sinatra/Rat Pack, for example. They were self-aware and completely embodied who they were. They were self-deprecating only because they were too cool to act cool, but in the end, they just came off as a little corny.

In contrast, the new Gen-Z guys like Fike and Ball don't care.  They do what they do, and it's natural.  It comes off more childlike to the Rat Pack's childishness.



From Wikipedia:
Dominic David Fike was born on December 30, 1995,[1] in Naples, Florida. He grew up playing music. By ten years old, he had acquired a guitar and learned how to play it. Fike grew up with a younger brother, Alex, a sister, Apollonia, an older brother, Sean, and is of Filipino and African-American descent.[2][3]


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